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WorkCamp 2019

What is Workcamp:  For one week you will become a part of a community of hundreds of Catholic teenagers.  Through many discussions, delights, challenges, and reflections, you will gain new friendships; you will gain self-confidence in your faith; you will inspire others; you will be inspired.  Through your selfless service and hard work, you will make the poor and needy shed tears of gratitude and amazement. You yourself will shed tears from God’s grace and God’s Love.   You will find peace; you will find joy.  You will want to come back year after year. 

1. Videos about Workcamp:   

2018 Recap            2017 Recap
             Video 1.Workcamp Overview           Video 2.Example of Crew and Project        

How can I sign up or learn more :  Look below the pictures or email Tom Marino ([email protected]).

Workcamp 2018
Workcamp 2017
Workcamp 2016
Workcamp 2015
Workcamp 2014

Workcamp 2013

Workcamp 2012

The Basics

When is it:
June 22nd(Saturday, 2pm) – June 28th (Friday, 6pm)
Who is eligible:  
Anyone currently in High school 
Where is it
King George, VA
$100-600 per teen (see to the right and below)
Workcamp 2011
Workcamp 2010

Where to Start

Step 1:  Contact Tom Marino with any questions that you have.

Step 2:  Click here for Registration link and instructions

Step 3: Make a $100 deposit (written out to Sacred Heart) by Jan 27th. 

Step 4: Raise and Earn $500:
  • Option 1:  Ask others to support you and this great cause using these letter templates: [CLICK HERE FOR LETTER WRITING DIRECTIONS AND TEMPLATE]
  • Option 2:  Earn money by working at our organized and collaborative fundraisers (see below).
  • Option 3:  If you were not able to raise/earn $500 by the end of May, you will need to pay the difference out of pocket.
  • If you drop out of Workcamp after April 25th, you will still be responsible for your $500.  If you drop out of Workcamp before April 25th, you will only lose your $100 deposit.
Step 5: Attend monthly meetings + tool training (See below) 

2018-2019 Fundraiser Schedule

2018-2019 Meeting Schedule

The money is the amount you can earn towards your $500 goal:
  • Dec 9th: Pancake Breakfast $25-$50
  • Jan 13th: Pancake Breakfast $25-$50
  • Feb 10th: Pancake Breakfast $25-$50
  • Mar 10th: Pancake Breakfast $25-$50
  • Mar 22nd: Lenten Supper $25-$50
  • Apr 6th: Mulching $50-$100
  • Apr 13th: Mulching $50-$100
  • Apr 14th: Pancake Breakfast $25-$50
  • Apr 27th: Mulching $50-$100
  • May 3rd: Apple Blossom Events $50-$100
  • May 4th: Apple Blossom Events $50-$100
  • May 11th: Mulching $50-$100
  • May 18th: Mulching $50-$100
  • Jun 9th: Pancake Breakfast $25-$50

(Sundays, 5:30-6:15pm, 6th grade room of Sacred Heart Academy):
  • January 27th 

  • February 24th 

  • March 17th 

  • April 28th

  • May TBD [Tool Training]

  • June 9th

Adult Volunteers Needed

  Male and Female Crew Leaders:  

  • Commitment: 5 full days + 2 half days
  • Requirements: VIRTUS Certified; ability to work with teens
  • Benefits: Revisit your youth; Revive hope for those in need; Renew your faith


  • Commitment: Four 9 hours days
  • Requirements: Knowledge of and skills with using tools to build stuff.
  • Benefits: Help a family in need; Pass your skills, knowledge,and wisdom to the next generation

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Lend a Mini Van: We will need a few minivans to use during this week: Everyone we borrow saves us $500 from renting one.
  • Security:  Stay an afternoon or evening to keep Home base safe (Requries being VIRTUS Certified)